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February 22, 2017

A cappella vocal group 13 Six

Acappella Group PhotoBelieving in the awesome versatility and flexibility of the human voice, the renowned vocal group Acappella can fill a large concert hall with beautiful, intricate music without ever plucking a string or beating a drum.

A member of the Christian Music Hall of Fame, Acappella has sold well over three million units and toured every continent on the globe since Keith Lancaster – songwriter, producer, and original lead singer – formed the group in 1982.

After releasing the landmark album Sweet Fellowship, Acappella signed with Word Records (and later Epic Records), and saw its popularity soar with releases such as Rescue, We Have Seen His Glory, and Set Me Free. The song “More Precious Than Gold” became the centerpiece of a Sony Camcorder national television commercial.

Acappella’s current model, launched in August 2014, combines the talents of the ministry’s past and present singers on concerts and albums. The group’s lineup will vary from event to event, showcasing vocalists from multiple eras of Acappella Ministries’ 32-year history in fresh new combinations. Acappella has featured special lineups for reunion concerts and other select events in the past, but is now in position to make that a permanent fixture for fans to enjoy.

“From the start, our mission has been to glorify God by carrying His message to the world through a cappella music, ” Lancaster said. “God has provided many talented music ministers along with countless opportunities for them to apply their gifts. This model provides Acappella’s vast legacy of singers with new opportunities that will bless people for years to come.”

Source: www.acappella.org
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