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July 21, 2014

All The King s Men

The Buzztones are not just an experienced, well-rehearsed, unique a cappella group. Sure, in just 4 years they have sung to Barry Manilow on BBC’s the ONE show, performed the anthems at Twickenham for the Rugby World Cup, had a sell-out 5* debut Edinburgh Festival Fringe show and been named finalists of the prestigious View from The Shard singing competition. And yes, through impromptu flash mob performances their harmonies have changed numerous Facebook statuses from ʻin a relationshipʼ to ʻengagedʼ.

It made even the [RWC] tournament’s opening night at Twickenham sound like a garden fete” – the Guardian reviews the anthems at England vs Wales, sung by The Buzztones at the Rugby World Cup. The paper also named this as the most inpsiring moment of the tournament.

No – thereʼs something about The Buzztones thatʼs far more profound than sell-out performances and vivacious vocals: they are all great friends. Itʼs this connection between the members of the London-based group that has hooked audiences up and down the country. Itʼs what defines their sound, showmanship and insanely catchy pop mash-ups. What other group can merge Eye of the Tiger with Beyoncéʼs Bootilicious, pull off a ballad like Kiss from a Rose and round everything off with a Garage medley?

Buzztones singing Acapella in London

These are no Glee-inspired boppers. Theyʼre a group of 13 grown men putting their twist on all the latest tracks – no instruments, no effects. Just a team of talented friends bringing you a cappella as youʼve never EVER heard it before.

In this ʻAbout The Buzztonesʼ section, you can get to know each member of the group, from their musical ambitions to hilarious anecdotes of their gigs and tours. Elsewhere on the site, youʼll be able to listen to The Buzztones, find out where to see the group in action and make a booking enquiry.

Meet the Buzztones

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All Nation SDA Church Gospel Acapella Group
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Corporate Entertainment | Acafellas UK - Acapella group
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