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November 4, 2015

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A Cappella Singing

Several student a cappella ensembles flourish on campus.

The Orcapelicans:
The Orcapelicans have been named one of the top 14 collegiate a cappella groups in the country by Huffington Post, whose website has featured a video of the group’s rendition of “White Rabbit.” The Orcapelicans is an acapella group of young vocally endowed Bard students featuring ladies and gents from first-years to seniors. This troop of quirky kids sings mostly pop songs all arranged by other orcas-they like to keep it within the family-. Singers join the orcahood at the beginning of each semester by audition only. This "premier" acapella group sings periodically at Bard Hall, Manor, Two Boots, and around campus sporadically in random places. For more information, please contact

The Sacred Harp:
The Shape-Note Singing Society, which is open to all students, performs “lively, raucous traditional music” from the “Sacred Harp” (or shape-note singing) songbook. "Shapenote singing is a fiery form of four part a-cappella singing. Originating in 18th century New England and continuing right up to the present day in the rural South, shapenote singing is a living breathing tradition of American folk hymnody. We sing out of a tune book called The Sacred Harp, one of the last books of this tradition that is still in common use. OPEN to ALL!! Be ready to make some noise. No prior experience is necessary: all will be taught. Songbooks are provided. Come be part of an exciting 200 year old American Tradition!" Please contact Keillor Mose, at, for more information.

The Annandale Folk Music Society:

The Annandale Folk Music Society is a contingent of Bard Students who celebrate and perform traditional music of England, Ireland, Scotland, and America. The group honors the musical heritage of those areas in singing their beautiful tunes, ballads, and carols of Olde. Every second Sunday of the month, the group travels to nearby Rosendale, NY to participate in the age-old tradition of Pub Singing, where old-fashioned harmony meets the excitement of sea shanties and drinking songs. Members may come to learn the secrets of improvised harmonization and the structure of traditional harmony; the group fashions its repertoire after the works of some of the great revivalists of the last century, while also incorporating plenty of its own unique renderings and arrangements. The body of experiences one gathers, is generally heralded by all who have participated to be a brilliant ode to the "Good Old Way" of approaching music. It is open to all who have ever been captivated by sounds of lullabies and treasurable melodies, for you may find their musical origins here. You needn't have much prior experience, likewise, to enjoy your time singing with us. For lots more information, please contact Keillor Mose at
No Holds Bard:
No Holds Bard is an all-female a cappella group that performs mostly contemporary music. The group is audition-based and open to any female student who wishes to try out.

Georgian ChoirThe Upbeats: Bard Music Mentoring Program

The Upbeats is dedicated to bringing the joy of music making to children from local communities. Bard music mentors have a passion for music and, more important, for sharing the gift of playing music with others. Lessons are provided to children for whom private instruction would otherwise cause their families financial strain. Children are given individual lessons and the opportunity to participate in music theory workshops. The semester culminates in a small recital put on by the children.
For more information, please contact Samantha Burke, Project Director at

Bard College Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir embraces a large community of students, ranging from music majors to political science majors to graduate students. Working with artist in residence Erica Lindsay, the choir meets in Blum’s Jazz Room and learns material for upcoming performances, as well as the history of the religious and sacred music it performs.

Bard Makes Noise

A new feature of the Stevenson Library’s online archive is Bard Makes Noise, a Web page that documents 40 years of student musicians and bands through audio, video, photos, and more. It’s available at

John Cage Trust

The John Cage Trust (JCT), created to oversee the use of the published and unpublished work of one of the 20th century’s most important composers, writers, and artists, has a permanent residence at Bard College. The Trust’s holdings—which include scores, recordings, texts, artworks, Cage’s personal library, and ephemera—are accessible to scholars, students, faculty, and the general public. The JCT also generates courses, workshops, and concerts, as well as other educational activities and programs.


Contemporaneous is a New York City-based ensemble of nineteen musicians dedicated to performing and promoting the most exciting music of now. Founded in 2010 at Bard College, several of the members and featured composers of Contemporaneous are current students or alumni of the Bard College Music Program and Conservatory of Music. The ensemble presents an annual concert series at Bard that regularly features world premiere works and innovative multimedia productions.
Liberian gospel music -- Acapella Group praise
Liberian gospel music -- Acapella Group praise

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