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May 10, 2016

One of THE BEST vocal groups

(credit: Frequency A Capella)If live music is what the party needs, then live vocal groups can solve all of your problems. From a cappella to choirs, Orange County has a healthy variety of naturally talented vocalists, ready to make your occasion that much more special. Pick a group based on their genre of choice and make sure to leave all of those power strips and monitors at home, as these singers can fill a room with just their lungs.

An octet of music majors met in Fullerton and created Vibe, an a cappella group dedicated to creating fun arrangements of popular music. From Kimbra to Beyonce, this group is as talented as it is diverse, choosing more radio-friendly music that general audiences will appreciate. Beyond simple harmonics and rhythms, Vibe also has a beatboxer in the group to help flesh out the undertones of a lot of the music. When the gang gets grooving, its style is unlike anything else out there, and being a mix of alumni and students means Vibe is always growing and getting better.

Harmony Partners

Barbershop quarters are a dying breed, and this gang of four from San Clemente has been making ladies swoon with its harmony for a few years. Anything from do-wop classics to romantic standards are on every set list, and special requests will definitely be taken into account. While the group tends to stick to the first half of the 20th century for its tunes, it is that adherence to tradition that has kept Harmony Partners singing for so long.(credit: Vibe) The group also has a Christmas repertoire unrivaled by carolers, so keep Harmony Partners in mind around the holidays.

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NBC’s “The Sing Off” inspired a lot of young vocal groups to start a career in music, and a few of the participants from that reality competition have created Level. This powerful eight-piece bunch has more than enough chops required to pull off a purely vocal experience, combining bass and percussion with harmony and strong soloists. All pieces shine in their performances, never feeling too little or too overblown. Level has fans up and down Southern California jumping for joy over its interesting arrangements and energetic performances.

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Frequency A Cappella
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This unsigned seven-piece vocal group from all corners of Orange County is built for sound. Its songbook spans nearly 50 years of material, but with every new pop song comes a new opportunity for Frequency to make it its own. From weddings to fundraisers, Frequency is perfect for your function because of its talent level and variety of performances available. This group is also part of the Contemporary A Cappella Society, a non-profit group dedicated to “innovating, developing and expanding the a cappella community.” While Frequency’s lineup has shifted over the years, its foundation is strong. The group finished third at the Los Angeles Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival in 2012.


This quaint quartet from Orange County performs at venues both small and large, bringing years of experience to the modern musical landscape. One member is an alumnus of the USC School of Music and has been nominated for a Grammy, while others bring instrument-based talent to their ability to read and perform music. Such a small group means no room for mistakes or weak voices, so all ears are on Flipside. The group offers a free quote if you are looking for entertainment at your next gathering, and the members travel all throughout Orange County and parts of Los Angeles.

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(credit: Level) (credit: Frequency A Capella)
The Best Vocal Groups. Various Artists.
The Best Vocal Groups. Various Artists.
MAMA 2012】Best Vocal Performance Group _ Davichi
MAMA 2012】Best Vocal Performance Group _ Davichi

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