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October 25, 2016

A Boston transplant from NYC


Rebecca Corliss

Rebecca, or Becka for short, proudly started the Eight Tracks with high school best friend, Michela. She has eight years of a cappella experience after founding Boston’s semi-pro group Common Sound in 2008 and singing with Boston University’s all-female group Chordially Yours in college. Due to three years of singing exclusively with women, Becka prides herself for her low notes and beat boxing abilities. By day, Becka is a marketing manager at HubSpot. Follow her on Twitter as @repcor.

MichelaMichela Gardner

Michela has a life goal of collecting music degrees and cheap, vintage keyboards. She attended Berklee College of Music and is now a middle school music teacher, choral director, and private voice and piano instructor. A co-founder of the Providence, RI based group Songs for the Rhode, Michela is thrilled to be starting a new a cappella group in her beloved Boston with her BFF/musical soulmate since high school, Becka. You can also catch Michela singing everything from Def Leppard to Bruno Mars in her all-female cover band. Nearly every moment of Michela’s days are filled with music, and that’s how she likes it.

Maren_Website_Photo-843312-editedMaren Larsen

Maren caught the a cappella bug in college, singing with and eventually directing the University of Wisconsin's Premier Women's A Cappella Group, Tangled up in Blue. Since then, she has appeared on West African rap albums and with the jazz/funk band Super Madras in French Guiana. Her favorite gig continues to be singing with her dad at weddings and open mics. She can be caught tweeting about international urban development at @mareninthecity.

Mark Levine-Weinberg

Mark is ecstatic to reenter the a cappella scene after a brief hiatus. Most recently, he was a member of Swarthmore College Mixed Company, where his proudest achievement was choreographing a running/jump high-five in the group’s performance of “Closing Time”. Outside of that, he dabbled in the studies of Biology and Theater. His thesis in acting was a collaboration on a devised adaptation of The Three Musketeers, and his thesis in Biology was on the swashbuckling behavior of the sea anemone Anthopleura elegantissima

Fordham b-Sides A Cappella Group - Desperado featuring
Fordham b-Sides A Cappella Group - Desperado featuring ...
A Capella Group "In Accord" at Boston University
A Capella Group "In Accord" at Boston University

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