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May 26, 2016

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DSC05116‘Tis The Season
December 1st

The Latino Student Alliance last General Body Meeting of the semester was celebrated as a method to de-stress students before final exams by decorating cookies and celebrating the holidays potluck style!

LSA Advocacy: Latinidad and Democracy – U.S. Citizenship Exam Trivia Night
November 19th

Latinidad and Democracy was a trivia night that focused on the difficulty of the U.S. Citizenship Exam. The event displayed typical questions one might come across when taking the U.S. Citizenship Exam. Students found out if they were able to pass the naturalization process!

LSA Advocacy: #IStandFor Campaign
November 17th

As part of the LSA Advocacy Week, this Social Media Campaign encouraged the UVa community to advocate for any particular cause. Many students participated by simply writing about what they stand for in white boards. (Photos were taken if the student permitted that were then shared on social media).

Silent Stereotypes
November 3rd

The Latino Student Alliance second General Body Meeting focused on an open discussion of the sexualization of Latinos in the media, through stereotypes, and among other topics, followed by a presentation led by OneLess and One in Four.

Copa Carnival
October 17th

The Hispanic/Latino Peer Mentoring Program (PMP), Latino Student Alliance (LSA), Towards a Better Latin America (TBLA), Second Year Council, and Third Year Council hosted Copa Carnival, the final celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month. People gathered to play carnival games for charity, learn about all the different Latino organizations on grounds, see special performances by Virginia Belles, Choose, Fuego, X-Tasee, and enjoy in delicious food.

DSC04889Fall Blast
October 17th

Perspective students came to UVa for a day to learn about all the great opportunities that are available at the University, to mingle with current students, and to see the beautiful Grounds of the University.

Banderas on the Lawn
October 6th – 10th

LSA Advocacy created a visual demonstration on immigration and multiculturalism on the South Lawn by allowing students to place different countries’ flags in the ground throughout the week.

Cocinar en Casa
October 6th

Embracing the delicious Latino food, students gathered at La Casa Bolívar to have a Latin cooking lesson to make empanadas!

LSA & BSA: College Day
October 3rd

The Black Student Alliance and Latino Student Alliance invited local High School students for a day of games and activities at the University to promote the path towards higher education.

Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Lambda Theta Alpha, and Sigma Lambda Upsilon: Latinos in Education
October 1st

The Latino Greeks held an open discussion about the state of Latinos in higher education and the challenges they face in academic institutions. This event included panel of experts that offered insight on several issues and provided intellectual discussions with the audience.

Fuego, Salsa Club, Ballroom Dance Club: Latin Lessons
February 22nd

The University Salsa Club, Ballroom Dance Club, and Fuego provided a sense of the Latino music rhythm by having free Salsa, Zumba, and Ballroom Dance lessons!

Sigma Lambda Upsilon: One Mic Stand
September 25th

UVA unleashed its voice as many Hoo’s took the stage to perform their favorite pieces of their own work! Co-Hosted with the Latino Student Alliance (LSA) poets, spoken word artists, and singers made this one mic stand one to remember! There was an additional special performance by New Dominions, a UVA acapella group!

Sigma Lambda Upsilon: RAICESSeptember 20th – 26th

The Alpha Rho Chapter of Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority Incorporated presented their annual Raices Week with ¡GRITA! UNLEASHING OUR VOICES THROUGH THE ARTS! They devoted their our annual Raices Week to creative expression, aesthetic representation, and civic engagement. Throughout the week they explored the social, political and cultural issues impacting our community as a mechanism for empowerment. Each event focused on a specific aspect in relation to the arts.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff: Latinos on the Lawn
September 22nd

Kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month by encouraging students to gather on the Lawn while enjoying some delicious pan con cafe!

Latino Student Alliance: First General Body Meeting
September 8th

The First General Body Meeting of the school year was a brief informational about the Latino Student Alliance while playing some fun and interactive games for the community to bond with one another.

Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Lambda Theta Alpha, & Sigma Lambda Upsilon: Hoo’s in NALFO?
September 1st

The Latino Greeks at UVa welcomed all students to meet the National Association of Latino Fraternal Organization(NALFO) which is comprised of the Elite Hermanos from La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated – Alpha Epsilon Chapter, the Lovely Ladies from Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated – Gamma Alpha Chapter, and the Señoritas from Sigma Lambda Upsilon/ Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Incorporated – Alpha Rho Chapter.

Source: www.virginia.edu
Neelam unaccompanied Singing sad Song
Neelam unaccompanied Singing sad Song
A brown bird singing (unaccompanied)
A brown bird singing (unaccompanied)
Hannah Law singing unaccompanied, Wayfaring Stranger
Hannah Law singing unaccompanied, Wayfaring Stranger

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