West Paces

August 30, 2016

490 West Paces Ferry Rd NW


What We Love

West Paces Ferry – Northside is in the middle of everything! Wherever you are headed… you are likely to drive through the neighborhood, so why not live here?

What We Don’t

Being in the middle of everything is great, but it means that traffic can be a real nuisance. Drivers pass through the neighborhood’s main roads, West Paces Ferry Road and Northside Parkway, to get anywhere and everywhere.

Real Estate

West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-NeighborhoodSeveral 100-acre European estates that dominated the landscape in the early 1900s have been carved up into a pleasant mix representing distinct time periods.

Around The Block

APD Officer David Mulkey works for the shopping center. You can find Officer Mulkey perusing the aisles of Publix for a snack or patrolling the parking lot keeping Buckhead safe. For those of us with a calling to the great outdoors, Mountain High carries all the best exploring brands – from North Face to Yeti.

OK Cafe is a fixture in Buckhead dining, offering a wide spectrum, from indulgent comfort Southern cooking all the way to fresh salad and homemade fruit smoothies.

OK Takeaway is where on-the-go neighbors come to enjoy their ready-to-serve options.Dining rooms are reminiscent of the good old days, bustling around the clock.Gretchen’s has some of the finest kid’s wear…along with an exciting collection of activities.

The original tenants at West Paces Shopping Center, who have served at this location since its opening in the ’50s, are Tommy’s Barbershop and Wender & Roberts Drugstore.West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Neighborhood You can find almost anything at Wender & Roberts, and Tommy is a Buckhead icon, having trimmed presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s hair, along with multiple Georgia governors, and many first-time haircuts, as well!

Many other convenient stops in the West Paces Ferry – Northside neighborhood include Bank of America, Publix, Starbucks, two dry cleaners, CVS, the Northside Branch Library, USPS, FedEx, Local Three, Houston’s, Buckhead Wine & Spirits, the Village Vets, Blue Ridge Grill, OK Cafe, and more!

West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Neighborhood West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Neighborhood West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Neighborhood West-Paces-Ferry-Northside-Buckhead-Atlanta-Neighborhood
Source: www.buckhead.com
West Paces Ferry Orthodontics Video - Atlanta, GA United Sta
West Paces Ferry Orthodontics Video - Atlanta, GA United Sta
92 West Paces Ferry - Construction - Buckhead Atlanta - 4/8/13
92 West Paces Ferry - Construction - Buckhead Atlanta - 4/8/13
92 West Paces Virtual Tour
92 West Paces Virtual Tour

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