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June 7, 2015

Three College Groups Sing A

About the Rust College A’Cappella Choir

The World Famous Rust College A’Cappella Choir is one of America’s most renowned choirs which features broad repertoire of classical, semi-classical, spirituals, opera, contemporary and traditional gospel. The choir has captured the attention of prestigious audiences world-wide. Some of their noteworthy performances and awards include:

  • ¨ 2003 Mississippi Arts Council Recognition Award for continuing a Mississippi music tradition
  • ¨ Tour of Zimbabwe in 2001
  • ¨ Two European trips as Ambassadors of Friendship
  • ¨ First place in the 13th Annual American Negro Spiritual Festival, Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH. (1994)
  • ¨ The 1982 and 1983 World’s Fair
  • ¨ Annual tours throughout the Midwest and South
  • ¨ Appearances as guest on several regional radio and television programs (including the International Protestant Hour, which is heard in over 100 foreign countries and the United States).

In the late 1930s and 1940s, choir members often traveled in station wagons and cars with student drivers, and in many instances, Rust College students were their own directors. Because funds were limited, and because of the then Jim Crow laws, choir members were forced to reside in the homes of alumni and friends. Miss Doxey and her choir were used as ambassadors and fundraisers for the College, and represented the school at various functions throughout the Mid-Western United States and the South. The choir has continued to carry on many of the traditions from eras past, making friends and supporters of the college.

Dorothy Lee Jones, former choir directress for the Greenville, MS Public School District, assumed her present position as Directress of the Rust College A’Cappella Choir in August 2010. Ms. Jones served six years in the United States Marine Corps, graduated magna cum laude from Mississippi Valley State University with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree, and earned the Master of Music Education from Jackson State University.

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