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June 13, 2015

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Dressed in a white jacket with gold braid and red pants, Jackson's hologram - along with backup dancers - sang and performed all his best-known dance moves on stage, including his signature moonwalk. Spectators in the audience clapped and cheered, and one woman could be seen wiping away tears.

Forever the #KingOfPop #BBMAs

- BillboardMusicAwards (@OfficialBBMAs)

Social media was set ablaze. Some people appreciated seeing their idol again, even in this form, but others found it unsettling.

Here was some of the reaction on Twitter:


- Regina Rivera (@_ilovenayar)

I'm crying. Michael lives on. #kingofpop #BBMAs

- Samantha Berdoff (@berddistheword)

Am I the only one that's creeped out by this @michaeljackson video performance? #BBMAs #kingofpop

- Katie McMinn (@KatieCheyanne12)

This doesn't feel right. #BBMAs #MichaelJackson

- ShwetaSays (@shwetajacob)

On Facebook, many strong opinions were expressed soon after the performance.

"It's kind of creepy. I didn't like it. I thought it was bad way to honor him, " one poster wrote.

Wrote another: "That was way too realistic. I mean to the point where it was almost like he was always alive and was in hiding."

Added another: "amazing…but really really creepy. i wonder how his kids felt about that"

The hologram's appearance had been in some doubt. The owners of the technology - which was also used to bring slain rapper Tupac Shakur back to digital life for a 2012 performance at the Coachella music festival - had sought to block tonight's performance based on alleged potential patent violations, but on Friday a judge denied the request and ruled that the awards could use Jackson's hologram.

Source: abcnews.go.com
Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 - ABC | Video Musique | Wat.tv
Michael Jackson & Jackson 5 - ABC | Video Musique | Wat.tv
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