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August 26, 2016

16 of the Punniest A Cappella

RedlinersFrom the everything is racist file comes this little tidbit from the University of Oklahoma: A popular, 9-year-old a cappella campus group called “Redliners” recently changed its name because the word “Redliners” is, well – here’s their explanation …

From the:

The name change came from someone pointing out that the name “Redliners” is a sociological reference for racial discrimination, [said Lauren Schechter, the group’s president] …

When the founding members started the group around 9 years ago, the name “Redliners” was a play on words for “headliners” with OU’s red color, she said. “Obviously they did not know that, and did not intend on it being that way, but we are so happy about all of the progress OU is making towards being a more inclusive environment.”

Schechter said the group isn’t very diverse right now, but that they are working toward inclusiveness. “I think any small thing we can do to make it clear that everyone is welcome is definitely a positive thing.”

A sociological reference for racial discrimination?! It cannot get more obscure and ridiculous than that.

If you have ever seen Oklahoma University’s logo – it’s redder than red. What stood as a cute and clever name for nearly a decade was done away because “someone” pointed out this alleged connotation.

That someone who views the entire world with a racism lens and a chip on their shoulder said something to this group is not surprising. But the greater disappointment is that the student singers kowtowed to the slightest whiff of a racism claim instead of laughing it off as ridiculous.

But that’s what the campus world has come to, isn’t it? Leftists have perfectly harnessed intimidation bullying tactics to scare the bejesus out of any rational students who might dare say “pound sand.” They’re tormented, called names, protested, accused of all sorts of nasty things, until said students acquiesce. That’s not what happened here at OU, because the student singers probably just wanted to harmonize to the latest Rihanna song without dodging baseless allegations from peers. They renamed themselves the Crimson Chords this semester and moved on with their lives.

(The Redliners, The University of Oklahoma’s premiere a cappella group, perform “Boyfriend” originally by Justin Bieber at a Fall 2013 concert.)

Source: www.thecollegefix.com
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