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April 24, 2016

Group : Starstruck

14. Josh Dun

14 Rockstars Go Through The Heavy Metal Generator

We've all seen them floating around on the Internet, and we all know what our heavy metal band name would be. With that in mind, we thought, 'Hey, I wonder what these Kerrang! stars' heavy metal band's would be?' We took 14 of the most awesome musicians on the planet and put their names through the heavy metal band generator. And the results are as follows...

14. Josh Dun

Forsaken Zombies may sound like a band you would form during a post-apocalyptic world, but for twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun it would be the chance for him to decapitate heads with some devilish thrash metal. Lovely.

13. Vic Fuentes

Illegal Warriors would see Vic Fuentes looking to become the new David Gunn and take on KING 810's mantle of Most Dangerous Metal Band On The Planet. We think Vic should probably stick to what he does best...

13. Vic Fuentes12. Lynn Gunn

PVRIS have been one of rock's revelations in the last year, so we're pretty certain Forbidden Angels would quickly become metal's most exciting band, too.

11. Brendon Urie

The pop-rock supremo and Panic! At The Disco hero would turn his pipes of gold into tubes of fury with his hate-fuelled metal band Insane Hate. Grrrrrrr.

10. Gerard Way

Gerard knows a thing or two about creating huge cult movements, so his new metal band Bloody Thorn would quickly rise to dominance. First, though, we would quite like to see My Chemical Romance back together...

9. Simon Neil

12. Lynn GunnGuilty Magic doesnt really sound that metal, so maybe Simon should just concentrate on getting that new Biffy Clyro album done. We miss that band and can't wait to hear that beautiful voice of his again...

8. Tyler Joseph

Witch's Henchmen may sound like the next scary fairytale flick starring Chris Hemsworth to come out of Hollywood, but it's not. Instead it's Tyler Joseph's new band, and they might steal your car radio...

7. Mark Hoppus

The king of pop-punk would drop the jokes about your mum, and don some black facepaint in his black metal band Dark Death. Expect them playing the gloomiest of venues across the country...

6. Andy Biersack

Rancid Fury might be Andy Biersack's heavy metal band name, but his solo project Andy Black, is far cooler to be honest. In fact, he sounds like a character from Game Of Thrones, and there's nothing wrong with that...

11. Brendon Urie5. Dave Grohl

You'd think Dave's would be Probot - but he's already done that. Iron Angels would be the Foos frontman's alternative metal band. Anything this man touches turns to gold, so expect them to be headlining all of the metal festivals...

4. Alex Gaskarth

Not set on dominating the UK charts with All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth has a new hobby... and that hobby is Rancid Angels - a heavy metal band looking to create bigger circle pits than the rings of Saturn. Move over, Lamb Of God.

3. Hayley Williams

In the early days of Paramore, they actually wanted to become a metal band called Satan's Thorne. Okay, that might not be entirely true, but we reckon Hayley Williams would do a cracking job fronting 'em either way.

2. Patrick Stump

In his spare time, Fall Out Boy's Patrick has a dark alter-ego, and when he isn't making huge rock anthems, he's busy riffing away to make the next black metal album with Evil Temple. Pretty sure they'll be in the Big Four anytime soon...

1. Oli Sykes

So, if Oli wasn't busy conquering the world with the hugely-successful Bring Me The Horizon, he'd be making ferocious doom metal with his new band Devil's Temple. Catch them supporting the likes of Electric Wizard...

10. Gerard Way 9. Simon Neil 8. Tyler Joseph 6. Andy Biersack

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