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September 15, 2016

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JamesOur company has always gone beyond the traditional definition of crowdfunding. For us, it was never just about transactions, or the exchange of resources, or just raising funds. We have never focused on the size of the crowd or the project. Our motivation is to turn ideas into reality through the power of simple, social, collective action, and reaching that transformative moment of critical mass — it’s always been about the tilt. So today, we’re changing our name to reflect this mission.

You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.

The idea for Crowdtilt came while working on a separate crowdfunding startup in South Africa in the development and nonprofit space. It soon became vividly clear to me how much potential rested in the idea of shared resources for collective benefit. I had a vision for a broader and more open platform — one that anyone could use to do anything — and Crowdtilt was born. Within weeks of launching our beta version, my friends started using the platform for smaller “bite-size” ideas like fantasy football leagues, backyard barbecues, tailgates, birthdays and group trips. As tilting became a part of their everyday lives, their familiarity with the product enabled them to dream bigger, bringing water slides to their backyard barbecues and pooling funds to help a sick friend.

Fast forward two incredible years: what started as a beautifully easy way for friends to test ideas and pool resources has now evolved into a global community that uses our platform for literally anything. By building our company around the philosophy of openness and the needs of our users, we’ve created the most accessible crowdfunding application as well as the most powerful, flexible and customizable crowdfunding application to date. In turn, you’ve shown us what tilting is all about: it’s about helping friends spend more fun Friday nights together, to measuring demand for a new Snoop Dogg t-shirt — all the way to powering the largest civic crowdfunding project to date and an epic event that brought the Foo Fighters to a city they hadn’t played in for over 15 years. Tilting is about people coming together to create the world around them.

Tilt Anything.

Our new name reflects this broader vision. You can get a group, crowd, a community together to tilt anything. A “tilt” is that moment when you reach critical mass and unlock something amazing as a group. Our users have embraced this word to describe pooling resources and rallying their group. Now, we’re reflecting that in our brand and our story.

We believe in a universe that can be positively and limitlessly impacted through the power of shared resources and collective action, where you can just as easily buy a birthday gift, charter a sailboat, save a toy store, start a school halfway across the world or support the discovery of an HIV vaccine. If you’re motivated by that mission, come join us. Together, we can tilt the world. Stay tuned for a few other big announcements coming over the next month that we think you’ll love!

James Beshara
CEO, Tilt

P.S. To celebrate, we’re tilting a t-shirt with our new logo for only $1! You’d be insane not to get one of these incredibly soft t-shirts and to see just how easy it is to tilt!

Source: blog.tilt.com

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