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July 12, 2017


Image titled Start a Famous Singing Group Step 1Decide what kind of group you want. Before you start a big project like putting a music group together, you need a clear goal and vision.
  • Determine what kind of group you want so that your vision for the group is clear from the start.
  • You will need to choose the style of music for your group. How many people you have in the group, where you look for singers and instrumentalists, and how you get an agent or manager will all depend on the musical style.
  • Most of the popular styles for singing groups are madrigal, a capella, pop, hip-hop, vocal jazz, rock etc.
  • Where you look for your new group members will depend on what kind of group you want to make.
  • For example, if you want a religious singing group, you should look for members at church, or maybe people who sing in a church choir.
  • If you want people who can play instruments, you might want to ask people who are in band class at your school.
Decide what kind of voices you want for the singers in your group. This will depend on a number of factors.
  • Some styles of music will feature only 2 or 3 singers, whereas others such as pop or a capella can feature 5 or more.
  • You will need to decide on the gender of your members. Do you want an all girl or all guy group? Or a mixed group?
  • If you decide on a mixed gender group, you will also need to decide how many male voices and how many female voices you will need for the right sound.
  • If you are a rock or country group, you might only have one singer. Everyone else in the band will need a role other than back up singer. In groups like this, often there is a lead singer and a group of musicians that play guitar, bass, and drums.
Hold auditions. To find people to join your group, you could organize some kind of audition so that people will come to you.
  • You'll need to advertise the event (make fliers, tell everyone you know, put an ad in your local newspaper, etc.).
  • Post fliers around your school, at local businesses, at your church, and at local events.
  • Take out an ad in the newspaper. That can help interested musicians and singers find you.
  • Talk to people at your church or community center.Image titled Start a Famous Singing Group Step 2 They can help you spread the word about your group and the audition.
  • Try announcing the event on social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can also post an ad on Craigslist and other websites.
Ask around your community. If you know people who are already in bands or singing groups, ask them if they know anyone who is currently looking to join a group.
  • Post about it on social media.
  • Ask your old band or music teacher if they know anyone interested.
  • Do whatever you can to draw attention to your project so that you can find the talented people you'll need to be in your group.
Identify a leader. Even if all of the singing members have equal parts in the group, there still needs to be a designated leader.
  • This will be the person who interacts with your manager, booking agents, members of the community and press.
  • This person will have to make sure the vision of the group remains intact.
  • Make sure its someone who can work with all the personalities in the group. Remember, you all have to be able to get along and collaborate effectively.
Determine what parts each person will play. A group will function better if everyone is clear on what roles they are supposed to play. Typically, parts are assigned based on people's skill level and talent in specific areas.
  • If one group member has a beautiful tenor voice, it would be silly to assign them the alto singing parts.
  • One group member who is good at choreograph can be in charge of putting together dance routines.
  • Certain group members might be better at playing a certain instrument or singing a certain style better than others.Image titled Start a Famous Singing Group Step 3 Assign roles based on everyone's individual strengths and expertise.
  • In a rock group, it's probably going to be more likely that each person plays a different instrument and there is one lead singer.
  • Make sure everyone understands they can't always be in the spotlight. For example, not every rock song has a drum solo so your drummer can't always be featured.

Part 2

Getting Your Group Ready
  1. Pick a name. Choosing your group's name is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your group early on.
    • This is the name people will remember (or forget, if you choose a poor group name), the name you'll be endlessly promoting, and hopefully the name that will make you famous.
    • Think about what your group's name says about your style, your personalities, and how it fits with the kind of songs you want to sing.
    • Think of something catchy and bold. You'll want a name that is creative and draws an audience.
  2. Practice your music frequently. You can't expect to shoot to stardom overnight without a well rehearsed repertoire of music.
    • Start by doing covers of popular songs that everyone in the band likes.
    • If you are in a band where everyone plays an instrument, learn a few steady cover songs before trying to write your own material.
    • At concerts, start out with cover songs and then gradually introduce your own material.
    • Work out all the details, perfect your parts, and see what happened.
    • You should spend many, many hours practicing to make sure everything will be perfect when you actually start performing in front of people.
    • First impressions can be key. Make sure that your first public performance is well practiced.
  3. Find a manager. It is possible to manage yourselves, especially in the beginning of your group's career.
    • If you start accumulating gigs, it might be a good idea to look for someone with professional management experience to help your and your group members navigate the often complex music scene.
    • There are many benefits to having a band manager. For example, they can book gigs for you, help you find a connection with a recording studio, and help you manage your group's finances.
    • It is very important to hire a person that you trust completely to be your manager. Don't let someone scam you or push you in a direction you aren't comfortable with.
    • Remember, you'll have to pay them for their time and work. They will work for you very hard to help you succeed. You will need to agree on fair compensation for their time and effort.
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