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May 5, 2017

Good Band Name Ideas: A Band

It’s midsummer and it’s time to start dusting off those Fantasy Football leagues, as we get ready for drafting season. For those considering starting an entirely new league, it’s of the utmost importance to consider great Fantasy Football league names.

Why is this important?

The last thing you want is for guys to have to struggle remembering the league name, or just calling it “that league, ” so as not to embarrass themselves at the water cooler, by saying, “Wanna do a trade in the FFLXTTRSL league?”

We also recently posted ! Some of the team names we mentioned over there include:

  • Hell’s Le’veon Bells
  • Chronic Masterdeflator
  • Jameis’ Crab Shack
  • My Ball Zach Ertz
  • Jameis Winston, House of Lannister

Heck, I even shared a bunch of great Fantasy Football league ideas with you to help your league become a little more awesome-r. But now, before you can do all of that other stuff, you have to come up with a great league name.

Also, since you’re likely a league commissioner, why not think about getting a printed right on it!?!

Naming Your Fantasy Football League Tips

First, you want something that rolls off the tongue easily. One with plenty of hutzpah! (Although, you should try not to use the word hutzpah in your league name.) As awesome as the TV show, “The League” is, most people are in more than one Fantasy Football league, so they need to call it something special. They need to refer to their league with either a particular word or set of words that stands out, or even an acronym, spelling it out.

Secondly, remember that whichever Fantasy Football site you choose to run your league, you’re going to need something that stands out, at least for the league URL. For instance, on, your league URL uses a one-word name that the commissioner sets. If you don’t want it to be “league124114, ” which is tough to remember, then use something you can abbreviate easily and stands out.

I like league names that stand for something. In other words, if your entire group of leaguemates friends (or most of them) are all from the same college, then name it something to do with that college or their mascot. Here are some ideas on how you would tie people together:

  • Location: Are you all from the same city or region, school or community?
  • Similar Interests: Do you all work at the same place or attend the same Alcoholics Anonymous meetings? Dynamite!
  • Random Connections: Maybe all of you are tailgate buddies outside the stadium of your favorite NFL team? Maybe you’re all baby daddys to the same woman? Perfect!

With that said, many of us are in online leagues against people we’ve never met. But still, many of these leagues can be named after something to do with the website you all met at – are started friendships at:

  • FootballGuys Fantasy Freak League
  • Lots of Booze Yahoos
  • Besties of the ESPYs

Let’s see what other kinds of ideas we can help you come up with. And don’t forget you can use the word “Fake” or “Faux” to change it up from just “Fantasy” if you wanted.

Feel free to use any combination of these Fantasy league names, mix and match, and make it awesome.

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