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June 22, 2017

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Many youth groups don't have an original name but are simply named after the home church, such as First Baptist Youth Group. Instead of sticking with a traditional name for your youth group, use this selection of creative names to help set your youth group apart.

The Importance of a Name

Unique names can be a fun way to identify the group and may be enticing to others in the community. One-of-a-kind names can also be a great way for the group to stand out. Fun phrases, tasteful humor, and purpose-based names can all make a big impact. Acronyms are also very popular for youth groups, because these can combine dual aspects; a serious purpose-driven message or church affiliation combined with the fun of accompanying initials. Instead of asking friends to go to church or youth group, members of your group can use the group's name when extending the invitation to entice more friends to come.

Ideas for Names

Adopt one of these names for your youth group.

Popular Acronyms

  • LOL - Living Out Loud
  • BTW - By the Well
  • OMG - Obeying My God
  • HTH - Headed to Heaven
  • PROPS (Proper Respect) for God

Popular Slogans

  • The Real Thing
  • Christ Inside
  • I'm Lovin' Him
  • I'm Livin' It

Greek Words as Names

  • Agape (love)
  • Logos (reason and judgment)
  • Atoma (indivisible or unbreakable)
  • Energeia (action)
  • Axios (worthy)

Names that Describe Your Group's Purpose

  • Radical
  • Fanatics
  • Seekers
  • Extreme
  • Active
  • Satisfied
  • Hoopla

Names Based on Bible Verses

  • Club 3:16 (based on John 3:16)
  • Psalm 23 Teens
  • Proverbs 31 Girls
  • With All Your Heart (based on Matthew 22:37)
  • Living Water Youth (based on John 7:38)

Other Names Ideas

  • Teens for Truth
  • Mountain Movers
  • Nu Creations
  • All for Jesus

Ideas for Choosing Diplomatically

GREAT BRAND NAME by Zer Gut group (Russia)
GREAT BRAND NAME by Zer Gut group (Russia)
Your Great Name | - | Youth Group
Your Great Name | - | Youth Group

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