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November 7, 2015

I Need Thee O I Need Thee

the oxford university acapella group out of the bluePH

Oxford University acapella group Out Of the Blue spread a little Xmas cheer

Oxford University is usually more famous for its academic laurels than for its budding pop stars.

That’s about to change.

All-male acapella group Out Of The Blue has become an instant internet sensation with their latest charity video.

Their version of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas has shot way past one million views barely a week after it debuted on Youtube.

The infectiously cheery favourite is mixed in with the perennial 1934 classic Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and all proceeds from the single will go to the Helen & Douglas House hospice for children and young adults.

Group member Deon Fang says that the local Oxford charity is close to their hearts.

“We’ve supported them since 2007. We visit them at least once a term.

“It’s such a worthy cause and they rely completely on donations.”


First year student Deon says that it was easy deciding which songs to sing.

“We’re definitely happy to be cheesy at Christmas and we’re big fans of divas like Mariah Carey.”

And what would he say if she got in touch?

“We tweeted it at her but haven’t heard yet, " he laughs.

"I would be in awe if she gets in touch.”

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Even without any superstar contact, he admits that the huge response to the video has been, “huge, but humbling.”

He's also happy to confess that the dancing in the video was rather more of a challenge that the close harmonies.

“We don’t do any dance testing at our auditions, so some of us are very questionable when it comes to learning simple choreography!

“It took us many, many hours to get it.

“We didn’t even realize how funny it was until we watched it back. It’s hilarious.

"I loved it and hope we do more!”


Out Of The Blue probably won't be appearing on Strictly Come Dancing any time soon... Sorry, lads!

It’s safe to say that Deon loves being part of the group.

“It’s not really about our individual skills, it's what we make together, " he says.

"We put a lot of time and effort and we are the reigning UK champions of acapella but nobody is arrogant or proud and I love that.”

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