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November 1, 2017


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.28.49 AMIf there’s one thing just about every person can agree on, it’s the fact that Beyonce is worthy of the role model title. Over the past year, she worked quietly behind the scenes on 14 songs and 17 videos, not even uttering a peep while the rest of the world kept the spotlight on her. The woman lets her work speak for itself, and after taking in the visual album, we’re pretty happy about what Queen Bey is saying.

In her video for “Pretty Hurts, ” Beyonce is desperately working to win a beauty pageant. After weeks and weeks of preparation, starvation and dedication, Miss 3rd Ward is pushed to her limits, and though she tried with every fiber of her being, she still lost the competition in the end. While watching the video, we couldn’t help but notice that art was imitating life, and Beyonce was shedding light on such an ugly part of societal pressures on women. From models eating cotton balls to a gorgeous girl going to the doctor for plastic surgery, below are the five times Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts” video nailed it.

Cotton balls: Sadly, Bey showing the trendy cotton ball diet isn’t the first, or even the second, time we’ve been hearing about the extreme fad this year. Starting in the fashion world amongst models trying to stay thin, the diet has trended down towards young girls who are learning to eat cotton balls soaked in orange juice via YouTube videos.

Plastic surgery: Despite extreme cases of plastic surgery gone wrong, like Heidi Montag’s infamous 10 surgeries in one day, somehow it’s still socially acceptable and even applaudable in some cases to have minor sessions of plastic surgery. A nose job here, an eye lift there and suddenly young girls are seeing women with plastic faces, putting ideas into their heads that everything can always be improved upon, even if that means surgically altering your face.

Taking pills: After she’s weighed, Beyonce takes pills, and while we don’t know what they were, the contents of the pills aren’t as poignant as the context of the pills. We can take an educated guess and say they’re weight loss pills, combined with the fact that she’s constantly exercising and weighing herself in the video. So many girls will fall into the trap of false headlines and advertisements about pills that will magically take off weight, yet never deliver on any promises.

Measuring tape: Maybe a little too coincidental that the video depicted girls being measured by their waists and not anything else, but the fact that Bey sucked in her barely there stomach and her measurements were still met with a disapproving face hit close to home for the fashion and beauty industry.

Losing the pageant: Even with all of her effort to lose weight, perfect her hair, tan her body and get her makeup just right, Beyonce still came in second place. Though it’s bad enough for an adult to come so far and fall flat, it makes us even more aware of how detrimental that loss can be for a younger girl, like the many far too young contestants portrayed on “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

九月】Beyonce - Pretty Hurts (Video)
九月】Beyonce - Pretty Hurts (Video)
Beyonce - Pretty Hurts - Behind The Scenes - Video
Beyonce - Pretty Hurts - Behind The Scenes - Video
Beyonce Pretty Hurts Official Video
Beyonce Pretty Hurts Official Video

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