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April 28, 2016


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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Neighbors heard what sounded like firecrackers near their home Thursday evening on Thomas Street.

It wasn’t until they saw the police lights flashing outside their doors that they realized it was more serious.

Nuk Johnson, a Cypress Lake High School football player, was among one of the victims of Thursday’s double homicide in Fort Myers.

The 17-year-old and his uncle, Andrew Chisholm, 37, were shot dead on the second floor of the Thomas Street Apartment complex.

“He’s a good kid, ” said Xavier McCray, Cypress Lake football coach.

McCray said he coached Johnson, a wide receiver, last year.

Johnson was a leader among his team and a likeable guy, McCray said.

“The guys, ” he said, “they’re all shook up.”

Johnson, a new dad, had a baby a few months ago, but continued playing for the team and attending school, McCray said.

“He was trying to do the right thing and then something violent like this happens, ” he said.

The initial call for service came in as a “shots fired” call just after 6 p.m., but police had a difficult time finding the location, Fort Myers police Lt. Jay Rodriguez said.

Lee EMS attempted to revive one of the victims, but it was too late, according to Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said he could not confirm the identities of the victims Thursday evening.

Family of Johnson and Chisholm arrived at the scene. Johnson’s father declined to comment about his son’s death.

Fort Myers police officers canvassed the area while crime scene technicians photographed the bodies of Johnson and Chisholm.

The shooting occurred during a torrential downpour in Fort Myers.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint people” under those circumstances, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez urged the community, often tight-lipped, to step forward with information.

“Give us something to put somebody behind bars, ” Rodriguez said.

Cypress Lake High School
Cypress Lake High School
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