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May 30, 2016

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Kenny Rogers and Home Free


“I had never heard of Home Free, ” Rogers told Billboard. “My boys have choir lessons at school, and their teacher said ‘You’ve got to hear Home Free.’ I went home and Googled them, and they were amazing. They were so excited about doing the album, and they really added some life to the record.”

Watch Rogers and Home Free in the video for "Children, Go Where I Send Thee, " which was filmed at Houston Station in Nashville. Billboard is premiering the clip exclusively below.

For Home Free’s part, the opportunity to record with Rogers was one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. “That was another dream come true, ” said the group’s Rob Lundquist. “He actually approached us about being a part of his album. It took us just a second to say, ‘Yes, anything you want us to be a part of, we’ll do it.' We went to Nashville and recorded it with him. He’s such a true legend. He’s so nice, down to earth, and easy to talk to. There’s no ego at all. He’s just a great man.”

And each member of Home Free came away inspired by the country legend's multi-genre career. “He can do it all. He played us a clip of him when he was a teenager, and he was in a jazz trio, " says Lundquist. "He was singing super high, and playing some of the best upright bass I’ve ever heard. He’s such a musical genius.”

Source: www.billboard.com
Home Free ~ Camp Acapella 2014 Sound Check
Home Free ~ Camp Acapella 2014 Sound Check
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