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May 21, 2017

An Inside Look At How To Make

Nick M.Whenever I talk about clubs at NYU with groups of prospective students, there’s one question that seems to come up without fail: “If I’m interested in the arts, but don’t want to major in them, can I still get involved with them at NYU?”


There are so many clubs that are geared towards performing, from the College of Arts and Science Theatre (CAST) to the University Singers, but, speaking from personal bias, the best club scene at NYU is the a cappella community. I joined my a cappella group, the NYU Vocaholics, within the two weeks of being at NYU. I really haven’t known NYU without the Vocs. I saw them perform “Zoot Suit Riot” at the Welcome Week A Cappella Showcase, and I was hooked. I auditioned, ironically, with “You Know I’m No Good” by Amy Winehouse, got a call-back, mentioned that I’d serve as their Business Manager, and found myself as part of the best all-male a cappella group at NYU.

The Vocs are a pretty diverse group of personalities, which manifests itself in our repertoire. Some of us like popular songs, so we’ll sing some Florence + The Machine and Adele, and some of us prefer less known artists, so we’ll arrange some Sufjan Stevens and Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. I certainly wouldn’t have made such close friendships outside of Third North without the Vocs. When you’re rehearsing for six hours a week, you’re bound to become close to the other guys in the group.

And even aside from the singing, there are sill many benefits to being in an a cappella group. My group management and administrative skills have developed from working in all of the different roles required of being a Business Manager, from keeping track of our club budget to organizing concerts to bringing back the all-NYU A Cappella Brawl last winter. I’ve gotten to host students from other universities, planned a tour to Villanova University, and organized the recording process for the Vocaholics’ new album, coming late Spring 2013.

Now, there’s WAY more to the NYU a cappella community than just the Vocaholics. Including the Vocs, there are NINE total a cappella groups at NYU, and each has a different attitude or musical style. If you’re interested in learning more about NYU a cappella, definitely go to the Welcome Week A Cappella Showcase or surf the different groups’ YouTube channels. That’s what I did to get to know the different groups, and it really helped when auditions rolled around.

A cappella… It’s aca-amazing. I’ve never regretted joining the Vocaholics; they’ve been such a supportive and fun group of guys, and my NYU experience would be so different without them. Plus, without them, I never would have been able to perform at the White House! But, that’s another story.

Source: admissionsblog.nyu.edu
Mass Transit NYU A Cappella -- Beauty And A Beat
Mass Transit NYU A Cappella -- Beauty And A Beat
"Killing me Softly" by a NYU A Cappella Group
"Killing me Softly" by a NYU A Cappella Group
NYUWelcomeWeek: A Cappella Showcase 2014
NYUWelcomeWeek: A Cappella Showcase 2014

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